Teeth Whitening

Get a Whiter, Brighter Smile

Starting at $149

At your appointment you will get to meet a Smile Shoppe Specialist and staff who are committed to giving you a great experience and a bright healthy smile.

Laser Teeth Whitening 

Your first treatment takes place our SmileShoppe.  A SmileSpecialist will review the specifics of this 20 minute procedure with you at that time. The is self-administered. It is safe, effective, and fast, and begins with you being made comfortable in a chair. 


 Fast & Effective Results

After the initial treatment, you may decide to brighten your smile even further.  The optimal time to achieve this is immediately following your initial treatment, while you are still at the SmileShoppe®. The secondary treatment is simply another 20-minute session with new whitening gel added to your mouth tray.
Our Hi-Intensity 44% Active Teeth Bleaching has the strength to Remove Smoking Stains, Tobacco Stains and Excessive Yellow Teeth Stains.

or your next treatment is 100% Free

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