Tuesday, August 14

Ombre Hair Coloring

Two-toned hair is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends

Why go Ombre?

Ombre is a French word that literally means shaded; think gradient color, like you'd see on a swatch of fabric or skein of yarn. Ombre is a hot trend in hair styles and with good reason!

Ombre is a low-maintenance hair color technique.

OK, so nothing is more low maintenance than not coloring your hair, but comparatively speaking, ombre is a fairly easy hair color look to keep up (presuming you go from darker roots to lighter ends). For the least maintenance, go as close to your natural hair color as possible near your roots, then gradually go lighter down the hair shaft.
Drew Barrymore has dramatic color contrast between her roots and her ends, but because the transition is gradual, not a harsh look. Rachel Bilson and Sarah Jessica Parker sport more subtle ombre looks gorgeous!

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