Monday, November 12

Winter Hair Tips

Are you noticing Split ends and frizzy hair that wont stay where you want it? No need to cut all those ends off! White Sands ER  Fusion Rejuvenates damaged hair

, restoring tensile strength and infusing hair with a balanced formula of conditioners for softness, flexibility, shine, and volume. 


Your hair will be easy to comb through as a complex of Amino-Cystines repairs damaged hair while weightless quaternarys balance and self-adjust hair moisture levels. Extracts of lemongrass enhance color giving hair a high gloss. Apply on freshly washed hair and comb through to distribute evenly. Ask your stylist to set under heat for maximum results. Rinse and apply Phase 1 conditioner and then style with styling aids. This treatment is designed to last 30 days.
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