Saturday, September 22

LowLight Hair Coloring

Did the sun bleach your hair out this summer???? Spice up your Hair with Lowlights
Lowlight Hairstyle~The weaved lowlight hairstyle is often applied in short or medium-length hair. With this style, lowlights are alternately woven into your hair in every other section, giving the crown a striped appearance. You can pair one or several colors of lowlights using this method, but stick with just one or two colors for an everyday look you can sport anywhere, not just at a nightclub.

Chunky Lowlight Hairstyle~You can get a chunky lowlight hairstyle the same way people often get chunky highlights. The darker colors are applied in thicker portions all over the top of the head, unlike the typical highlights and lowlights that subtly pull color out of the hair. With these lowlights, you'll see a heavier concentration of color with each section.

Two-Tone Lowlights~Some long-haired individuals enjoy a darker underneath layer of hair, so when they pull their hair in a ponytail or do braids, the colors are distinct from the rest of the hair. With this technique, you can often get a darker color all over the bottom half of your hair and apply lowlights in the middle and under portions to tie the hair colors together. You don't want to be able to see a distinct difference in the two colors; it should be gradual.

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