Saturday, September 22

Fall Hair Styles for 2012

New Fall Hair Fashions

fall hair fashions, hair styles, schaumburg hair salons, haircuts schaumburg, hair do's for fall, new hair stylesSome women can pull them off, some can’t. You have to have a certain shaped face, the right length hair, and a good-sized forehead in order to look good with blunt bangs. I don’t know what that face shape, hair length, or forehead size is, but I know what works when I see it. I also think you need to be confident and fashion-forward to pull off blunt bangs. They are not meant for those afraid to take fashion risks. So if you're a risk-taker then go for the new hot look. I think girls wore their bangs that way because that’s how our mothers had the salon cut them. When someone is feeling bold and comes back from the salon with blunt bangs, people stare and wonder, “What was she thinking?” It’s just because they don’t know what’s fashionable and what’s not. What do you think? Are blunt bangs hot or not?
If you looking for the Blunt Bang look or just wanting a new and fresh hairstyle call us for a consultation and pricing, if you see a hairstyle you like, print it out and bring it to us and we can determine if it's the right one for you. 

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